Today Pai Bakery has a total of four cafes. Every cafe is one of a kind, but in all of them we bake fresh pies and pastries during the whole day, also you can order a cake-tart, pretzel and party catering.

Pai café Kaarli

Student’s café in the center- pure home flavors, good prices, a lot of lunch offerings, home culinary kitchen.

 Aaddress: Kaarli pst 3
 Phone:  +372 627 1895
 Open: Mon-Fri 10:00-17:00
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Pai café Kapital

In the lobby of the Pro Capital Business Centre we have the best choices of cakes and home culinary, embraced and appreciated by our regular customers and the office people.

 Aaddress: Narva mnt 13
  Phone: +372 555 400 53
 Open: Mon-Fri 8:30-19:00, Saturday 10-17
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Pai café in Tõdva

On Tallinn-Viljandi highway’s 15th kilometer next to Alexela gas station. Popular fast food place- road’s best old-school burger and solyanka.

 Aaddress: Harjumaa, Tõdva
 Phone: +372 5010 965
 Open: Every day 7:00-19:00
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Pai café in Nõmme

Nearby Nõmme Market in Tallinn you can find dumplings and pancakes, soup and day steak, a warm, homey market cafe and meeting point –there are no things about the world that our  regular customers wouldn’t discuss next to a war cup of coffee.

 Aaddress: Turu plats 6, Nõmme
 Phone: +372 555 602 95
  Open:Mon-Sat 9:00-17:00, Sun 9-16
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