A great outdoor events caterer since 1995.We arrange a party at your chosen place indoors or outdoors all year round, everywhere all over Estonia beginning from a festive dinner for one, up to big outdoor company party with a 70,000 participants. From snacks to BBQ piglet.

We are pleased to provide you appropriate choices for various events:

  • Children birthday
  • birthday celebration at working place
  • home party catering
  • wedding table
  • Christmas party
  • BBQ party in the forest
  • funeral banquet
  • Family reunion
  • client day
  • conference coffee breaks
  • training day lunch in the center
  • stout lunch for workmen in Tallinn or nearby
  • soup kitchen
  • entertaining feast
  • tex-mex theme party
  • BBQ

We make you a personal offer, considering your favorite dishes and party budget. Everything is possible.
Pai catering phone: 50 54 295

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